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The Everyday Joys of Life - Be true to yourself

How many little moments hit something deeper? Life isn’t just about the big moments, it’s all the little things in between that make a life worth living.

They’re often what makes a person remarkable.

  • The husband who woke his wife up every day of their married life with a cup of tea.

  • The little girl who wouldn’t leave home without first hugging her dog.

  • The little boy who reads bedtime stories to his little sister.

  • The young man who takes time to help the elderly person across the busy road.

  • The kind neighbour who takes time to shop or collect a prescription.

  • The stranger who smiles or says hello.

  • Feeling a connection with another person

Truly remarkable people make a deep and lasting impression. They change the world, just by being themselves.

It's the little things that make a person who they are.

Create a simpler yet richer life together.

Don’t fall into the trap of putting off things in life you want to do.

Guilty of this myself and on reflection life isn’t a rehearsal. In lockdown or through mental health have you seen how quickly our whole life could fall apart - look now at making the most of it.

More freedom, reducing stresses, do more what makes you happy, think self-care.

What fears are holding you back from taking steps now? There may be people in your life who can’t or refuse to understand your decision.

Maybe some people think your trying to live a fantasy life commenting that "its no good to dream if it goes wrong it will come crashing down around you."

Be brave and do whats right for you.

It's about letting go of a particular life journey one with no guarantees.

Not to live with regrets - Knowing you could have tried and didn’t.

Life is your adventure you never know how it will turn out.

Living life at a different pace.

I found it takes time and age....... for me my 40’s I began to stop worrying so much about other people’s opinions. Over time could see a shift in thinking.

Like a flower who has spent too much time in the shade.

Have you had the comments "Away with the fairies look about you."

Take this as a compliment you have imagination.

An ability to dream and think about the future.

Intelligence in imagination when used as research for making decisions.

Take joy from life as and when it comes.

Now I am.............

.........comfortable with myself. my intuition and love my life.

Appreciation and Gratitude Taking the time everyday to appreciate the little things. In lockdown after spending more time than ever in my home and village it became apparent that I love where I live in the countryside and feel privileged to do so.

An idea came to me to recognise and appreciate where I live and what is around me.

An afternoon walk in December was good on so many levels, time to take in nature.

The visual display of colours al around, walking in the muddy lane, splashing in the puddles to clean my boots.

Breathing in the fresh air, feeling the cold bite around you wrapped up in my cosy coat hat and scarf feels good.

As the sun sets the skies are filled with beautiful colours. The local community spirit of the village.

Take joy from everyday things in life, write them down, take photographs, draw pictures, make a journal.

Copyright © 2020, Creative Journey to Wellness

Posted 8th December 2020

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