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The importance of community: 8 key benefits.

What is a community?

A simple definition.

A community is a group of people who have the same beliefs and needs, this determines the identity of the group and the members in it.

A good community is where people have shared interests, in as safe environment which allows us to support one another, interact, share experiences and our modern life struggles.

An open and honest bond which builds valuable relationships, and gives us a deeper sense of belonging. A place that unites us, we can feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. An opportunity to connect with people, where we feel safe and secure and can see the benefits for ourselves.

It's important for everyone as human beings to need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to the many relationships we develop.

Eight key guidelines and benefits

Support and safety

In being accepted into a group and finding others with the same values and interest we realise we are not alone and generates a togetherness and meaning to our lives.

We gain a stronger sense of self which helps us to cope with negative experiences and feelings in a safe environment where we learn to express our emotions.

Make rules and follow them through

In having clear community rules with strict enforcement is an important way to maintain a safe environment for its members. At the start everyone knows what’s expected, what’s allowed, and what’s not. Although it can be tempting to allow exceptions, to keep things transparent and fair its critical to follow them though.

This is the best way to build trust and real relationships which ultimately add value where it’s needed most.

Sometimes it’s best to do nothing

As a natural problem solver temptation to always “fix” things when member’s challenges arise. However, if you have provided a safe environment for people to express themselves, share experiences and validate their feelings (often a kind word, a listening ear, a virtual hug, positive feedback is all that’s needed.)

Occasionally through allowing members in the community to work through hurdles or concerns on their own provides a chance for people to learn and connect with each other.

Sometimes what you don’t do is as powerful as what you do. In allowing the community a natural space to grow and develop through observation is more important we can all learn that way.

Listen and observe.

In observing and listening to what the community are saying will show you what it needs, through comments or discussion. Take time to dig deeper to determine what type of content, tools, and resources really resonate with the members.

Mistakes are inevitable.

In life this a natural part of growth and when mistakes occur, recognise the issue, apologise, and use the feedback to improve future experiences for members. There is always new ideas and room for improvement in everything we do change, adapt and learn as well as knowing when it’s best to just let something go.

“Team support is key”

Starting on your own is no easy task and asking for help either based on a need for expertise, or an extra set of hands is important.

A key thing has been the ability to embrace the power of the community by seeking out the natural leaders and encouraging them to take on important roles within the community.

This in turn builds a great team of advocates dedicated contributors and moderators, individuals with lived experiences to support mental wellness,

A team who willingly and passionately not only providing relevant content and assistance for members, but also bringing expertise and insight of wellness through self-care and creativity.

Connection and belonging

The feeling of being part of something bigger can give meaning to our lives. To be accepted and finding others with the same values, interests, and world views makes us realise that we’re not alone and makes us feel valued.

Sharing & Learning

In sharing activities, ideas and feelings this has a huge benefit on our mental health.

Sharing is caring.

Communities that are built around common interests, gather people within them who have different views, perspectives, ideas, experiences, or beliefs, and learning from them can help us all reach a new awareness that we may not have reached on our own.

Creative Wellness Journey was aware that many people struggled with mental health and were looking to find ways to reduce anxiety, learn how to draw and paint in a safe environment without judgement.

I had a personal breakthrough when I found my pathway to recovery through art for wellness and understood and accepted the need to help fight feelings of hopelessness with a place that offers us a certainty that we are safe and with likeminded people.

Through learning a new skill, hobby and expressing yourself through creative pastimes, will help you move forward towards healing and feeling wellness.​

  • Learn from our experiences, new styles and techniques

  • Accept praise and feedback from others 

  • There is always something new to learn

  • Relax, have fun and accept things for what they are.

Wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our programs and activities are designed to support mental wellness through the beauty of creation.

Sharing networks who support mental wellness and bring people together. As well as special people I know who's groups or business support creativity and life lessons. Working with other communities and professional bodies and develop working alliances and partnership with individuals and organisations. Who's aims and ethos are to bring people together through groups and workshops to support wellbeing.

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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