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15 Mantras to end the Day feeling good enough

Before we go to sleep at night, many of us reflect on what happened during the day and wish we could have gotten more things done, eaten better, worked out, or asked our boss for a long-overdue raise. Whatever you did (or didn’t do) during your day, make it a habit to reinforce the following positive mantras before bed so you go to sleep feeling satisfied and excited for tomorrow.

1. I did the best I could today 2. I am worthy of love and abundance 3. I am confident in myself and know I can accomplish anything 4. I have everything I need to be happy 5. I love myself 6. I am to thankful for my family and friends 7. I don’t need to compare myself to others I am on my own journey 8. I see the beauty in everyone and everything around me 9. Everything in my life serves my highest good at this time 10. I’m a healthy, vibrant being of life 11. I release everything that no longer serves me 12. I am the master of my reality 13. I am enough 14. I believe in myself 15. I am at peace Shared from the Powers of Positivity for further details see

Posted 27th March 2020 by Creative Wellness Journey

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Debbie Crouch

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