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Valentines - Share the love through creativity in February

In celebration that love is really all around in many different forms please find this joint blog by Heather & Debbie (Creative Wellness Journey)


Valentines Day..... A Day to celebrate Love!💗

To me it isn’t just about romance and having a partner, it is so much more.

It is a time to let loved ones know just how much they mean to us.

Even more so this year with the lockdown.

This can mean partners, parents, children, friends;

Even your pets!

A phone call or a text can make all the difference.

Spend time with the family you live with doing things you love.

Why not get creative and make your own personalised cards?

I do think one of the most important things is to love and be kind to yourself.

Find time to relax and remind yourself how AMAZING you are!

Written by Heather

Members Creative Page for - LOVE

The meaning of Love - members creative page where you can join and submit your art work here

If you would like to submit artwork, register as Bronze member its FREE

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Creative Writing by Debbie

Who I was in another life,

Someone’s daughter, someone’s wife,

A friend who never said no,

Quiet and introvert,

No place to go.

And now I find my life is changed,

With love and friendship rearranged,

New relationships that fit the real me,

This is the place I want to be.

So here I am celebrating my life,

A wonderful man as his friend and wife,

New friends from all around the world,

Sharing creativity my passion with an open heart,

Inspiring hope and joy for mental wellness within art.

As the future unfolds what will life bring,

Opportunities, adventure and unknown ideas,

Take a chance, take a risk don’t be held back by fears.

Stretch and grow watch the path ahead,

You never know what and time will tell,

How many lives you change as well.

So keep believing in your dreams,

Grasp each chance talk and learn,

Partnership working together is fun,

The way to succeed for everyone,

Gaining all those friendships and connections too.

Suffice to say

It’s Valentine’s Day

Remember a chance to a give love all around.

Written by Debbie

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Meet The Team

The people behind Creative Wellness Journey CIC.

A group of wonderful friends supporting creative wellness as a peer led, co-delivered, lived experience, adventure .......... look forward to working together welcome and lets share the beauty of creativity and finding mental wellness.

Partnership Working with Naetha Uren

Recovery Coach Academy

Naetha - I always count my lucky stars that I have you all in my life.

As we collaborate and support in the future.

A special thank you for believing in me since the beginning all those years ago, you encouraged me along my life's journey so I can be where I am today.

Original Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey CIC

Debbie Crouch & Heather Roundell

(Last Updated JANUARY 2024)

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