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For the love of Trees

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

A love of nature has always been a passion for me and I love to capture photos wherever I go. The tree has always held a fascination in my eyes in viewing its structure and complex branches and realising that no two are ever the same. How the single trunk can determine age with thickness and its branches expand and grow to the environment around it.

I even remember being able to do woodwork at secondary school and loving the sculputuring of wood making a simple bird although this was very much seen as a male pursuit and girls not encouraged to take it further. Thankfully times have changed.

In appreciation of the beauty of trees for all seasons and capturing nature around me for everyone to see - here is a "Love of Trees" visual collection.

Tree Inspired Art

Langsett My First outdoor sketch

I remember when Gary (Art teacher) suggested we take a sketch pad while out walking and draw the view for practice, this was my first sketch where I was a little hesitant about drawing trees.

During lockdown been confined to working from home, spending more daytime in the garden and walking around my local village this became my connection with nature and the outside world.

Allowing me time to appreciate what I see in the form of trees and countryside more than ever before.

This gave me the opportunity to create pictures, drawings and paintings that reflected my love of trees their beauty in different medias.

February and March are a great time of the year to capture photos of trees in their natural shape of branches before the spring comes with buds and leaves as they come alive.

In recent walks I have taken various photos of trees so this can be inspiration for future creative projects and give me the opportunity to practice their structure and shapes.

These were taken from Royd Moor Reservoir which is the smallest of the three reservoirs just to the North of Penistone.

This has inspired me for my next project painting a tree in acrylics.

What would you do?

Where will your creativity take you?

Here is my finished creative tree picture

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

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Such an inspiring blog. I think us tree lovers have a name, we are dendrophiles! I love to look up in awe at all the amazing trees. My faves are at Cannon Hall and Bretton Hall. They have been rooted for hundreds of years. Just beautiful. Gorgeous artwork, reminding me of teaching art with my class. I wish I had kept my artwork from all those years!


Feb 28, 2021

I love this Debbie! your photos are beautiful 🥰🥰

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