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2022 Recap - Achievements & Celebrations

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

2022 The Best Year Yet!

Debbie - ⭐️Clarity⭐️

My name is Debbie Crouch I am a Creative Community Expert,

Artist and Author.

Helping people who feel lost and alone discovery their true selves through

expression emotions with creativity.

How do I know because I have been their and found my true self

with a passion for creativity.

Celebrating achievements, personal. business and fun in 2022

with Debbie & Heather


  • United Artspace - Free Art Challenge (online)

  • Sketchbook Challenge - Free workshop (online)

  • Emma (Artist) collaborative working (Jan - Dec) Art for Wellness tutorials with some fantastic resources in the library.


  • On Our Travels - First of 2022 (Brodsworth Hall)


  • Milly Johnson (Wortley Hall)

  • Art Stall attended - Mind Body Spirit (Elsecar)


  • Gary's Art Classes (Online) - Last one Heather, Debbie & Dawn

  • The Big Skiving Day at Wortley Hall! - The launch of Tree Project (learning not all art classes are suitable, follow your gut feelings, bacon butty and coffee at The Countess balance restored, inspiration from trees at Wortley)

  • Dua Lipa! - Heather attended a live concert in Nottingham


  • Tree Rubbing (Wortley)

  • Elsecar Coffee and Gift Fair (research set up)

  • Started Craft afty's with a Greggs


  • Falco elevenses (Meeting over coffee)

  • Jubilee Project

  • Bounce Back Barnsley - Business Event at Media Centre (Debbie did impromptu filming)!

  • On our Travels - Bolsover Castle

  • Went to view our paintings in Cooper Gallery Auction!

  • Filming for Adult Learning - The start of "celebrity status" (leaflets and back of Barnsley buses)

  • Paintings auctioned at Cooper Gallery!


  • On Our Travels - Llandudno Girly Trip!!

  • Getting lots of attention with our branded twin backpacks in Bodnant gardens (Wales)

  • Key-fund Business Event at Barnsley

  • Debbie attended 5 Day challenge (Mandy Nicholson)

  • Our faces suddenly popping up on leaflets and advertisements on buses!

  • So much fun spotting ourselves all over South Yorkshire!


  • Art Retreat in Scotland with Mandy Nicholson

  • Vision Board - Business Plan created

  • Debbie joined Mandy's Creative Masterclass (12 months)


  • On our Travels - Lotherton Hall (visited 1 year ago)

  • Meet Penny with Travelling Canvas with Robin Hood at Sherwood Forest near Clumber Park (awesome collaboration)

  • Ordered bespoke merchandise our own artwork mugs, A4 prints and cushion covers! (Wrapticious)

  • Rebranded Art for Wellness (amalgamated facebook groups)

  • Debbie wrote clarity statement - who she is.

  • Debbie & Ivan holiday in Crete (postponed last few years due to pandemic)


  • Launched online shop !! Art for Wellness on shopify.

  • Amanda Hairdresser (Huddersfield) display and selling merchandise.

  • Countess cafe - Kelly (Wortley) display and selling merchandise.


  • Falco - Xmas Market stall

  • Instagram learning with Triinu

  • Facebook learning with Sam H

  • `Planned and wrote vision board for 2023


  • Debbie joined MIB with Becky

  • First live recording in group with Becky

  • Birthday brunch (Debbie) Wentworth & Elsecar

  • TikTok - 31 Days of December (inside the mind of a creative)

  • Retired greyhound Christmas Fayre - stall at Owlerton stadium in the snow!

  • Adventures with "Reese the Reindeer" - Debut on Tik Tok!

  • Wishing Tree Cawthorne

  • Milly Johnson Christmas Party - Shaw Lane, Barnsley

  • Planned and booked events for stalls in 2023.

  • Victorian Garden Centre - Xmas Shopping

  • Completed Tutorial Library FREE resources for members with Lottery Funding.

  • Birthday brunch (Heather) Wentworth & Elsecar

  • 2 Year anniversary of dream business.

Highlights and learning

Not to take life too seriously

Splash Paint

Enjoy visiting stately homes

Held our first stall

Opened a shop

Published a book

Discovering our inner artist and personal styles

First girly break away on holiday

Recording with adult learning being shared social media

Completed Tutorial Library of resources

2 Year Celebration - What does it feel like

I not only wanted to celebrate the day but how far I have come in this time.

Have you read the blog

Art for Wellness 2 Years Today

Heather dedicated a poem to Debbie

Debbie reply dedicated back to Heather

Copyright © 2023, Creative Wellness Journey CIC

Debbie & Heather

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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