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🌟2nd birthday of my dream business

I not only wanted to celebrate the day but how far I have come in this time.

There has been many challenges on my journey to where I am now that helped to make me who I am now:

  • Mental illness

  • Recovery Journey

  • Pandemic

  • Reviewing life priorities

  • Finding connection

  • Embracing spirituality and the universe

  • Qualifying Creative Recovery Coach

  • Found best friend and business partner

  • Learned draw and paint as adult

  • Found my own artistic style

  • Collaborative working with others

  • Sponsorship

  • Building a Community of over 11k followers

  • Rebranding

  • Repurposing

  • Investing in myself for self development

Published art journals

On the pathway

Many times I wanted to walk away from the challenges, crawl into corner saying I couldn’t do it,


I found the strength to keep going

Move forward one step at a time

Go beyond my comfort zone.

There have been wins and losses but my inner voice reminds me by saying

do what you’re passionate about,
remember how far you have come,
how many lives have you already connected with.

‘keep going you can do this’

My motto became

Let’s share the beauty of creativity

Finding my life,s purpose

Art Journals are a great way to unlock your thoughts and ideas.

Check out two amazing books

Little Journal of Hope

A - Z Art Journaling

Sharing the artistic career of an ordinary person with a desire to help others to be well and learn how to draw and paint.

Art for Wellness with Debbie Crouch can be found at:

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Creative Wellness Journey CIC

Debbie Crouch


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 30, 2022

Love Your offering and interested in putting Your work on Our “Prana’X” spiritual gifts and tools store site via starscape.DAO where the Dreamers become the Dream. Lmk if interested.

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