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30 Days Wild 2023

The UK's biggest nature challenge is launched with The Wildlife Trusts

The official 30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts' annual challenge

asks everyone to do one wild thing a day throughout the month of June.

Anyone can sign up for their FREE pack

Art for Wellness - supporting with Art Challenge

In June you can take part on as many or as fewer days as you like.

The idea to be creative with nature and support your wellbeing during the month.

What's it about?

  1. Think of what you would like to do

  2. Share your photo in members gallery

  3. Helps support nature and wellbeing

What things can I do?

Can you do one or more activities in June for art for wellness

during the month?

That can be drawing, sketch, poetry,

photograph, crafting, or a post/story.

  • Complete an art tutorial by art for wellness

  • Gardening

  • Out in nature

  • Draw your favourite wildlife creature

  • Paint a flower or tree

  • Photograph being out and about

  • Identity a new plant

  • Draw a butterfly

  • Feed hedgehog or badger

  • Plant bee friendly pollinator plants

  • Design your own bird

  • Write a poem

  • Sketch an outdoor scene

Here are some examples of tutorials........

How do I share them?

Would you like to share your work in members gallery please send to

Why - to inspire ideas for creative projects? When - during the month of June Where - members can share their work in the gallery

What do I do next?

Take your picture, give it a title .............

Read and agree the terms and conditions

These will be displayed in a members gallery online

Why take part in the challenge?

“It brings people closer to nature where they live, taking small actions that can collectively have a big impact!”

Copyright © 2023, Creative Wellness Journey CIC

Debbie & CWJ Team

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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