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Art for Wellness - In the Beginning 2019

Creative Art for wellness 

For anyone considering learning a new hobby to be creative with art.

Here are some of my hints and tips learned over the last few years


One of the first things I learned was the need to relax my wrist and let the lead flow across the paper. At first I used to hold the pencil so tight like it was going to run away if I loosened mr grip.

Then starting with a rough outline sketch in pencil as a guide helped provide a basic shape and size for what I am looking to draw.  Also to remember you can rub it out along the way.

I learned to relax my wrist and let it flow.

If you find yourself holding the pencil tightly and pressing down hard it will ease over time in learning to relax and flow with your hand across the paper.  Practising drawing random patterns and shapes in a notepad 5 minutes a day really helped.

When you begin to create a shape and the lines seem to go astray or you don’t like it, just rub out, amend as many times as you need.   That  way you learn and accept this is a normal and part of drawing.

Spend time practicing doodling making shapes and patterns you can draw things that are around you and can be anything from your cup of coffee / tea, a chair, table, vase of flowers, ornament, book ......practice shapes and perspectives shadows and structures.

The first art class was looking at finding my creative drawing skills and in keeping my pictures can look back and see how far I have come from my early drawings to now.




Appreciate your journey and be proud of your achievements however small keep celebrating each step along the way.

Painting  For me I have learned so many things in the years.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others

  • Not to give yourself unrealistic expectations. 

  • All new hobbies start at the beginning with practice and time you get better.

  • Be kind to yourself allow time to learn and enjoy your journey along the way

My personal story thoughts and learning

In the beginning I found fine detail painting a little daunting knowing my hands can be unsteady. As a new painter appreciate not had many lessons as yet and this is something I am determined to learn more about. In honesty I paint for wellness and let my mind flow to whatever I think looks best for me.

  • Thinking about what I have understood so far in art classes about perspective, contrast and colour.

  • It’s about finding my own style, not copying anyone else’s or trying to be perfect.

  • Learn to enjoy the experience of each painting is more rewarding. 

Using what I see as inspiration and adapting for my own style. That’s the best advice I can give just have a go...... 

Learning to mix paint colours

Looking at a colour wheel helps to understand about colour

When I first started mixing paint many times found made a sludgy grey or brown colour. 

Remember this is an experiment and without practice you wouldn’t learn how to mix.  

Sometimes you discover colours you like by accident.

Tip I use paper plates to mix acrylics as you can through them away after use and saves washing up.

15. Colour
Download PDF • 980KB

Basic Colour Palette

Again, finding my paintings from years ago I can see how far I have come from my early attempts to now.




Learning a new hobby and seeing your journey along the ways helps you build confidence and feel good about yourself.

Connecting with your inner creative inspiration and finding the things you like or dislike, preferences and style.

At the beginning we are all new and learning thats why its so important to have your own safe space to share, ask questions, see what others have made and give and receive feedback.

Either upload your own pictures or send them to the team to upload if you prefer to be anonymous.

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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