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Best thing about my Life 40’s or 50’s and beyond

Not caring what anyone thinks anymore is a huge advantage. 

Spending my teens and twenties trying to fit in with everyone else, look a certain way and beat myself up mentally.

Now I can relax and be myself – loving yourself first is the key to finding love from others. Remember age is just a number its your outlook on life thats important. Keep working or volunteer if necessary.  Have a project to focus on, meeting people.  Nothing is quite as ageing as inactivity. Celebrate yourself and achievements occasionally

Focus more on fun and doing things for me Make memories that last forever….. Writing my own journal The best thing of all follow your dreams. I had a dream............ Having an interest in communication and helping others where in my previous career project managed various websites such as "Healthy Schools" for Yorkshire & the Humber amongst others.

My passion was sharing good news stories, creating newsletters, posters, designing the website, writing content, showcasing at events and meetings, supporting health and wellbeing teams and a long list of other exciting tasks. Sadly these came to an end after many organisation changes and I lost my way.

At the back of my mind a spark remained that one day I would find a way to follow the right direction towards a goal, an idea something I enjoyed and I had no idea what that would be?

I thought about writing a blog and or have my own website for many years and didn't have the courage or belief to go for it. Ideas came and went and I always wrote them down and saved them for the right time.

Then I rediscovered my passion for creativity and slowly over time the jigsaw pieces fell into place. Through meeting people who touched my life, new friendships, exploring "me time" and following my mental health wellness journey here I am.
It all started here Creative Wellness

Thank you for the support and encouragement along the way. Stay safe, be well everyone. Best Wishes Debbie

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Debbie Crouch

April 2020

Posted 3rd April by Creative Wellness Journey

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