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Bloom with Grace

Spring Into Art Competition

Calliese entered her picture in the competition and we provided feedback.

Hi Calliese, I wanted to let you have some feedback on your beautiful picture you entered in the Spring Competition. We thought your design was thought provoking and can't stop looking at it as it has so much meaning especially for mental health awareness.

Several comments about "would hang on my wall" and everyone could see a different meaning or emotional response which is very powerful.

In celebration of your stunning digital artwork we would like to recognise and feature this in an article with your permission please let me know what you think.

Best wishes Debbie & CWJ Team

Bloom with Grace by Calliese

It's so funny because I can literally remember the day I decided to do that picture!

I struggle in the winter with my mental wellbeing, and about a month ago when the sun started to show its lovely face again, walking on the schoolrun, I'd say "look at the flowers, look at the leaves"!

I was so mesmerized because Spring is new to me, we don't get spring in Texas, lol we get summer and autumn!

A couple days before I was talking to a friend and she was saying that for her the winters are like hibernating, and when I walked to school that day I was like wow it really is like hibernating.

The trees, plants and animals all rest, then spring comes and you hear birds, see squirrels running and blossoms start to bloom.. it's like everything starts to wake up after a rest.

For me discovering spring has been an amazing experience 🌸🌼🌷

- Calliese


We adore this beautiful digital art

I absolutely love Calliese's digital art painting for Spring theme "Bloom with Grace".

From the moment I first viewed it really drew me in and I could not stop looking at it.

It resonates so much for me. It represents my mental wellbeing after so long climbing out of my own head space into positive thoughts and brightness.

When I shared this with my Uncle (Crooksy) he started singing "Can't get you out of my head" by Kylie Minogue and he too was captivated by its beauty.

When I asked him why that tune; he replied "It was brilliant! The picture cleverly repeated smaller and there she is climbing out of her own head! Freeing and releasing herself"

A very mindful, thoughtful and imaginative piece of art work.

This has now become his "Kylie Minogue Picture!" and a copy is proudly hanging on the wall.

- Heather

Calliese very kindly gave permission for professional copies to be made for Debbie, Heather and Crooksy so we can proudly hand on our walls with pleasure.

It is always a pleasure to see Calliese's digital art creations as she has totally found a creative connection that inspires and brings pleasure to others.

- Debbie

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Debbie & CWJ Team

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