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Creative Art - Mixed Media

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Gary Dutton—Creative Skills Tutor, Adult Skills & Community Learning 

"Learning to use mixed media can be fun let's have a look at some different projects to get going. These have been kindly shared by Gary Dutton Art Tutor from the classes attended in learning to create" - Debbie

Peak District

In this mixed media there is an interplay between a thin, transparent medium and a thicker, opaque medium.

Pastel, like gouache is most effective when applied to a toned or coloured ground where it’s opaque qualities are most obvious.

A support with some texture is best, so that the pastel can adhere to the surface, and watercolour is an ideal partner because it sinks into the support without filling the grain.

To create your own picture follow the PDF instruction here link

Creative Corner

Heather & Debbie created in Art Class.

Polperro (ink & oil pastel)

The artwork is based on the sketch below and the outlines drawn with a brush in undiluted ink on a blue/grey mount board.

To create your own picture follow the PDF instruction here link

Debbie's Creative Corner

The last creative art class at Barnsley with Gary before lockdown made by Debbie.

In lockdown using the skills and techniques I learned in art class along with a selection of soft pastels, conte crayons, inks and oil pastels.

Here are some examples of my own work created in 2020 - Debbie

If you need help to find materials in lockdown I have a Amazon page with ideas for some of the materials I have used. link

Creative art for all ages and abilities.

I would love to see what you have drawn or painted? 

Why not join in today and share your creativity to inspire and support others.

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

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