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Creative Art - Silhouette Picture

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Firstly create the colourful background.

You will need watercolour paper, brushes, watercolour paints, and masking tape. Tape the paper down I use an old piece of board for my painting. Using a brush and watercolour brush over the paper in various colours to create a skyline.

Tip: Let the paint dry before applying the next colour or alternatively blending as long as not too much water is used. Leave to dry and there you have your background.

Find a picture you would like to create a silhouette with in this case I chose palm trees. Next place the tracing paper onto a piece of paper and redraw on the back making sure you press on to leave a good pencil outline.

Then decide which way round you would like the image and place on the background and redrawn pressing on with pencil quite hard. (You may need to retrace the pencil lines to make sure you have a good outline to start colouring in.

Next with a black fine liner draw around the edges.

Then fill in the silhouette area with black I have used a combination of marker pen, felt tip and Sharpie pen.

The final picture gives you a beautiful sunset in paradise.

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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Debbie Crouch

April 2020

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