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Creative Wellness "World Changer" by The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS (HPAA) is an initiative of Manhattan Arts International, an organisation launched in 1983 to promote emerging artists.

Interview with Debbie Crouch, Founder of Creative Wellness Journey, a non-profit based in the U.K. It provides “a safe environment to learn how to express emotions through creativity." Debbie is a new addition to our ongoing series of “World Changers”.

The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS newsletter link:

"I feel immensely proud to have been given the opportunity to be interviewed by Renee Philips founder of HPAA who has build a community to share artist and writers who are passionate about the power of art for wellness. I would recommend you visiting their website" Debbie Crouch

Renee Phillips ~ The Artrepreneur Coach

“My passion is helping artists achieve their fullest potential. I help artists become “Artrepreneurs.”

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As Founder, Director and Curator of Manhattan Arts International, I provide recognised artists with exposure on the website and in social media.

We promote international artists working in all styles and mediums.

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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