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Creative Writing - Free Writing

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Set a certain amount of time lets say 5 minutes

The idea is that the pen keeps going whatever is in your head no matter how random empty your thoughts onto paper to free your mind. While writing no need to think about spelling, grammer or if it makes sense it is a raw piece of work and helps to build confidence, release emotions, eliminate stress and be happier. Some professional writers and teachers use this to overcome apathy, self criticism and helps them to overcome writer's block. This is a fun task get yourself a piece of paper and pen and go. If it helps choose 5 random words that you can look at for prompts Clouds, Circle, Traffic, Sleep, Perfume/Aftershave or Pet.

Debbie's Creative Examples A transcript from my writing...... spelling mistakes and all A cloud washing wispily in the clear blue sky where the sun is shining and the birds fly by listening to the tweeting nature sharing the sound of spring. The grass is growing upwards its green stems sharing space with bluebells and daffodils. My brain needs to breath think what to write next. My favourite perfume is Opium as it reminds me of the beautiful red poppies that grow in the fields I have liked this for many years and the smell fills me with pleasure the aroma. Gosh my wrist is aching how can you write solid without stopping I can see my writing becoming a scrawl but I dont care its like a spider waiting to catch its pray. As I would like to be in my warm comfortable bed with the heavy duvet encompasing my body as I snuggle down in the warmth like a caccoon it makes me feel safe and secure. I laugh why do I think the duvet is my protection and feel safe and can dream. The circles join together in a pattern inviting me to colour them in...... Creative writing is for everyone. This is something you can write just for yourself and even throw away after if this makes you feel better. Let’s share the beauty of creativity

Posted 8th April 2020 by Creative Wellness Journey

Written by Debbie Crouch

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