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Favourite Author - Milly Johnson

Updated: May 28, 2023

Let's say hello to Milly Johnson best known as an international novelist, poet, after-dinner speaker, professional joke writer, script-writer, columnist, cruise correspondent, short-story writer, winner of Come Dine With Me

A Yorkshire lass from Barnsley in South Yorkshire and a thoroughly lovely lady too.

I first came across Milly's novels several years ago and was blown away from my very first read. A book that takes you into its pages where you become part of the story, with feelings for the characters, as well as what you can see and hear as each chapter unfolds.

Stories that are a portrait of real life scenarios, filled with sadness, humor and love. Written in such a way you dont want to put them down.

I can honestly say I have read ALL yes that's every single one of "Milly Johnson" books this is just a selection to show the covers of some of the books written.

I had the privileged to meet the wonderful "Milly Johnson" author and Queen of Hearts at an event at Wortley Hall in 2019. This had been on my wish list for a long time never quite having the courage.

Attending on my own was a big step on my wellness journey and its thanks to a special friend who recommended that I meet up with Suzy Dansby on the day gave me confidence and we became friends ever since.

Suzy & I shared a passion for blogging and reading and being a huge fan of Milly's too neither of us had ever had the pleasure to meet Milly in person.

Little did we know at the time lockdown would happen and so grateful to have had the fantastic opportunity to meet Milly at the "My One True North" book launch.

My One True North

Latest Milly Book in 2022

"Together again"

Together, Again is a novel about sister helping sister to heal from childhood scars, and of finding, in each other, the love they have all been deprived of. Together, Again is about vulnerability and strength, acceptance and family, kindness, hope and triumph over adversity.

Together, Again is the story of truths uncovered and lies exposed, of secrets told – and kept. It is a novel about sister helping sister to heal from childhood scars and finding in each other support, forgiveness, courage and love.

Milly's book October 2021

"The Women in the Middle"

Heather and myself attended an event with Milly for Christmas Afternoon Tea on Wednesday 15th December 1pm, at Shaw Lane Rugby Club, Barnsley, this was a laugh a minute pure entertainment the highlight event of the year.

To find out more about Milly

Twitter as @millyjohnson,

Instagram as @themillyjohnson

Her website

And do sign up for Milly's newsletter

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Debbie Crouch & Heather Roundell

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*Special thank you to Milly for her permission to share.

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1 Comment

Debbie Crouch
Debbie Crouch
Oct 18, 2021

The women in the middle ……..A truly wonderful story of Shay and her families journey through life with her being sandwiched in the middle. Emotional portrayal of the complexity of balancing children, siblings, parents and partners needs with no consideration for her own. Picture a hard working and dedicated women. As the story unfolds drawn into the characters and situations is pure magic. Definitely a book that stays with you and don’t want to put down. Another fantastic read where I didn’t want it to end. Thank you Milly.

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