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Full Beaver Moon - November 2023

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Monday 27th November - Full beaver moon

The next full moon will occur on Monday 27th November and will reach its full state at

9:16 a.m. GMT

Painting by Debbie Crouch Monday 27th November - Full beaver moon

The Beaver moon has a lively energy.

The message it sends us is to reflect and slow the pace down.

To not take on too much at once.

The beavers build their Winter dams at this time of the year.

Painting by Debbie Crouch

An opportunity to create significant changes in your life

Expect some old situations to come around for closure,

completion, and integration.

It's time to find steadiness and stillness.

A opportunity to break through the barriers

Trust your path

Full Moon Facts

The full moon occurs once a month when the sun,

earth and moon are in alignment

with the earth in the middle.

Painting by Heather Roundell

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What do I do next?

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Art Merchandise

Art Tutorial

Moon Manifestation

How to create your magic moon!

  • Splashing acrylic paint leave to dry.

  • Draw a circle on the back

  • Cut out the moon

  • Write your goals, desires, dreams or manifestation

  • Glue onto black paper

Leave the rest to the universe...............

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Debbie & CWJ Team

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