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Hands Up for Wellness

Most of us know when we are mentally and physically well, but sometimes we need a little extra support to keep well.

Good relationships are important for your mental wellbeing.

  • help you to build a sense of belonging and self-worth

  • give you an opportunity to share positive experiences

  • provide emotional support and allow you to support other

Hands Up to Creative wellness Using this simple creative hand drawing you can think about who are the people in your life or you feel can support and listen to you anytime. Connecting with the people around you: family, friends, colleagues and neighbours at home, work, school or in your local community. Think of these relationships as the cornerstones of your life and spend time developing them. We may have to build friendships up virtually during this time but they are important areas to think about.

On the other hand think about what activities you enjoy, what makes you happy as a reminder for good things in your life. Step 1: Place your hand on a sheet of paper are carefully draw around in pencil. (This avoids getting pen all over your hands from felt tips or markers) Step 2: Colour the hand in anyway you like Here are two hand drawings if you need a template. Left Right Hand 1: Write 5 people in your life who can support and listen to you. Hand 2: Write 5 things you enjoy doing or make you feel happy. These simple pictures act as a reminder and you can redraw anytime 😊

Posted 28th March 2020

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Debbie Crouch

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