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Have you experienced "Face pareidolia"

Updated: May 9, 2023

Face Pareidolia

Common examples are perceived images of animals, faces, or objects that be seen in unusual places like cloud formations, inanimate objects, within nature or catches your attention.

Seeing faces in random objects or patterns of light and shadow – is an everyday phenomenon and a a normal, human tendency

'Face pareidolia' – the phenomenon of seeing faces in everyday objects – is a very human condition that relates to how our brains are wired.

Not only do we see faces in everyday objects, our brains even process objects for emotional expression much like we do for real faces.

Why does your brain look for patterns? In recognising patterns this allows us to predict and expect what is coming.

The process of pattern recognition involves matching the information received with the information already stored in the brain, making the connection between memories and information.

What can you see in nature?

Grumpy Tree by Heather Roundell

Draw a rough sketch in pencil and colour with watercolour paint adding a few sketchy lines with a fine liner or felt tip pen.

Animals in Trees by Debbie Crouch

Using watercolour paint and a sponge. Choose a few complementary colours and mix onto paper (leave to dry) - create a colourful background you can sketch on.

Next using a pencil , charcoal pen, fine liner, biro or felt tip pen roughly sketch what you see.

Hallelujah Tree by Heather Roundell

The eye of the lizard by Debbie Crouch

This, 2000 years old olive tree, is called "The Thinking Tree" by the locals.

It is located in Puglia, in the South of Italy.

Thank you to Anna Butler who shared the photo as I was inspired to create.

The Thinking Tree by Debbie

If you would like to explore your own creativity check our members tutorials for ideas where to start.

Feeling a little braver......

Take your own photos

What can you see.........

Create your own pictures

Have you checked out members Art for Wellness pages.

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Why - to inspire ideas for creative projects? When - regularly updated with new ideas and topics Where - members can share their work in the gallery What do I do next?

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