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Healing with enjoying a New Skill & Hobby 

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The benefits of learning to be creative

Embarking on a new skill or hobby is satisfying and invigorating

Fire up imagination and explore new ideas.
Being creative gives you all the good stuff that meditation brings. 
Improves brain function and boosts immune system. 
More importantly it’s “Me” time immensely therapeutic.
Now is the time to find that new hobby just for you.

Not sure where to start, think you can't paint, it looks hard to me.

If you feel like running or fleeing, it’s time to face any fears with courage.

Although a human automatic response is often to run away, think you can't do this, or somehow distract yourself, escaping only temporarily.

Remember I am new to this, I can practice, I can build a new skill.   

Fear will return, possibly in a different form, until you choose to confront it with kindness." ~Carly Hamilton-Jones

It is possible to heal and see ourselves in a new, brighter light. 

The simple answer is - Yes

Start with a few easy steps:

  • Relax: Take a walk, play a game, read a book or watch a film. Having a creative block, this lets your mind be free of its normal obligations.

  • Stop self-doubt: Don’t be afraid to have a creative idea; don’t think that every idea is “stupid.” Give yourself the freedom to think freely. Critical thinking can come later.

  • Never give up: While relaxation and free thinking can help. Some of the most creative people come up with their best ideas only after hours, days, weeks, or years of creative thought and critical thinking about a problem or question. If that “a-ha” moment doesn’t come to you right away, you’re frustrated, take a moment for yourself and get back into a creative flow when you’re ready.

Creative intelligence can be used in many ways cooking, baking, maths or science, dance, music, running a family and teaching to name a few.

“Because creativity is a process of having original ideas that have value… genuine creative thinking involve imagination and critical thinking that bring insights and fresh ideas.”

Learning creativity, therefore, does not mean starting from scratch; it means unearthing and enhancing the creative intelligence that already exists within us.

Reasons why Learning to paint is good for you

When you paint this can be incredibly relaxing and can help reduce your stress levels.

It allows you to focus specifically on what you are creating and let everything else go.

Painting requires minimal equipment and space. All you need is paint, a brush and a surface to paint on to get started.

You can build up your painting supplies over time and develop your own style and media preference.

Learning to paint creates the opportunity to give someone a personalised gift or preserve a memory.

You can also network with some wonderful artists online where you can learn and be inspired by others.

Using brush and paint you can block out all the noise and stress of life and lose yourself in the creative process.

Regular painting helps improve fine motor skills.

Painting is Fun

Mixing paint, creating shapes and shadows, putting your imagination down on paper.

Creating art is for all ages and abilities. 

Ready to get started then take a look at some easy and FREE resources available.

If you have questions you can leave them in the comments below.

You can also join our creative hub

Where you can ask questions, post your work and get to know some fantastic artists from all genres and skill levels.

Here to help people who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed,

looking to turn life around and feel …

Happier, Healthier & more Confident

Copyright © 2023, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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