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Healing with positive thinking and enjoying a New Skill & Hobby

New Year, New Start as relevant to me in 2021 as ever......

My Creative Wellness Journey started in 2019

In being proud to be Yorkshire and the beautiful scenic places it offers.

Remember to “Smile and live life to the full”

"When I feel like running or fleeing, it’s time to face my fears with courage.

Although my automatic response is often to run away, numb my feelings, or somehow distract myself, escaping only temporarily relieves anxiety.

Fear will return, possibly in a different form, until you choose to confront it with kindness." ~Carly Hamilton-Jones

Childhood can leave us with a lot of scars and limiting beliefs about our worth.

But it's possible to heal and see ourselves in a new, brighter light.

Learning to be creative

Say “I am new to this, I can practice, I can build the skill”

Embarking on a new skill or hobby is satisfying and invigorating Fire up imagination and explore new ideas.

Being creative gives me all the good stuff that meditation brings. Improves brain function and boosts immune system.

More importantly it’s “Me” time immensely therapeutic.

Sometimes you just need to focus on yourself and let other people solve their own problems. Support them, encourage them, empathise with them, but know that you don't have to be their hero, and your needs are equally important. Remember I am new to this, I can practice, I can build a new skill.

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

Copyright © 2020, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

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