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How Trees Inspire Art

Trees are used to represent life and growth and we naturally feel peace and serenity when walking in the shade of trees or on a forest trail.

A love of nature has always been a passion for me and I love to capture photos wherever I go. The tree has always held a fascination in my eyes in viewing its structure and complex branches and realising that no two are ever the same. How the single trunk can determine age with thickness and its branches expand and grow to the environment around it.

by Debbie Crouch

Trees Inspire Art by Debbie Crouch

Tree Rubbings made into a collage by Heather Roundell

An idea for us both to take tree rubbings with plain paper and wax crayons whilst taking a relaxing walk in the grounds of Wortley Hall.

The day was a definite "self care and a tree hug!" moment for mindfulness.

This huge tree offers so many creative inspiration moments from the patterns on the bark, the twisting of its branches and its dominant presence in the garden.

Using the tree rubbings, and painting a simple watercolour background, using a glue stick and fine liner pen, Heather created a simple nature collage.

The fascination of Trees by Heather Roundell

"Trees absolutely fascinate me! So unique, each with their own story full of untold mystery to spark my crazy imagination! Nature's wonderful beauty.

For me trees have played a huge part in my healing process. I use rees in my relaxation and mindful techniques as a visual and safe space to go in my mind.

Grounding myself firmly into the earth with strong roots anchor me.

The leaves and branches dancing and swaying on a gentle breeze to slow my breathing to a calm rhythm.

There's nothing more therapeutic than a walk in nature amongst the trees. To be totally present in the moment."

My gallery of trees by Heather both photographed and created in art.

Three Trees / One Project

At our local wellbeing for Art classes three artists, Jackie, Heather & Debbie followed tree topics with Gary (Art Tutor) from Adult Skills and Community learning in Barnsley.

The amazing thing being each tree project worked on the same topic and the results are three different interpretations. The magic that each picture brings its own creativity, style and personality.

Check out the gallery where have the pleasure in sharing.

Finding our style by Jackie, Heather & Debbie

(shown in no particular order)

While being in nature can lead to better health, creativity, and even kindness, there may be something special about being among trees.

Trees help us feel less stressed and more restored

Learn more about the wonder of trees

We have launched a podcast all about trees on Spotify

Check out the FREE tutorials for members.

Trees by Emma Morrissey (member)

"Trees have become more important to me as I've gotten older, I think as a child, I saw trees & thought, - Wow, they are so big!

Everything seems so much larger when you are small, as I got older I started to see trees as these wise old friends, as many trees have been around for hundreds of years, withstanding all the changes in our lives & will likely outlive us. Something I also noticed though was how many trees have disappeared & been replaced by houses & shops over the years, so trees came to represent many things to me - stability, hope, life, strength, adaptability - these are things I often think about when I'm drawing or painting them."

Emma designed some cards for art for wellness to support raising funds for the Free resource scheme

The structure of a tree embodies early views of the universe arrangement: roots were considered like the underworld, a trunk was considered as the earth and a crown of a tree was associated with the sky

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