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I am Me - My Journey to wellness May 2020

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

My life learning I am quite reserved and thoughtful, mainly an introvert. Enjoy spending time alone as well as in company of others. I have no desire to be Center of attention. Most of the time I am better at writing down my thoughts than speaking them. I choose my relationships carefully am loyal patient and trustworthy but if my boundaries are crossed then goodbye.

I remind myself that if I feel hurt by a mean person, that they are not hurting me because I am me.

They are doing it because they are who they are! Often toxic people thrive on drama and I avoid these people for my own inner peace.

Finally: If you treat me right I will treat you even better. I am finding a way to live a peaceful a life surrounded by those who are looking for the same.

Remember to follow my ideas and keep creating

“Creative Wellness Journey” Created to bring friends together, share creative ideas its aim to help and support others and build friendships in a safe environment. I would really like members to share creative things made, ideas, fun things anything that will encourage and help others. Let’s share the beauty of creativity

Posted 10th May 2020

Written by Debbie Crouch

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