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Imbolc - 1st February

Imbolc a pagan celebration from February 1st to sunset on February 2nd which marks the beginning of the end of winter.  

Also known to be the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Imbolc is the celebration of the return of light and warmth after Winter's darkness.  

It has a magical energy giving earth her wake up call!

The celtic goddess Brigid.

Imbolc is an ancient celtic festival honouring the goddess Brigid.  

Her fire was said to sparkle and dance as she wakes up the land with her warmth and fertility, spreading beauty all around.  Announcing that spring is definitely round the corner.

The energy that she is bringing is the one of the returning Sun. It is this energy that is honoured during Imbolc, a festival that in the Celtic world arrives at the beginning of February, bringing new energy, inspiration and creative forces.

It was a festival honouring the Celtic goddess Brigid who was believed to look over fertility, crafts, prophecy, and poetry.

In early Celtic times around 2000 years ago, Imbolc was a time to celebrate the Goddess Brigid (Brigit, Brighid, Bride, Bridget, Bridgit, Brighde, Bríd). 

Brigid was the Goddess of inspiration, healing, and smithcraft with associations to fire, the hearth and poetry as well as lighting candles to symbolise the growing sun.

Time to declutter and spring clean!

This can be done both physically and mindfully.

A perfect time for shedding heaviness and negativity seeing new beginnings filled with positivity!

Blessing the water

Tradition is on Imbolc Eve (1st Feb) to leave out a bowl of water for Brigid to bless, for health, fertility and beauty.

The next morning you drink or wash in the sacred water.

Making an altar

This festival is about igniting the senses!  Make an altar, or scatter petals and fill your house with beautiful flowers and scented candles after deep cleaning and cleansing your home.

Crosses of straw

Another popular tradition is to make Brigid crosses out of straw.

You can also use other materials like paper see the tutorial below for an easy to make cross.

Ways you can celebrate Imbolc.

Lighting the candles

Lighting scented candles to welcome the sun.

White or light coloured candles to decorate your altar.

Flowers for celebration

To see the first snowdrops peeping through as its woken by mother nature.

Or fill your home with flowers.

Take the time to go outside and for a walk. What can you see?

Look out for spring returning to nature.

Or maybe plant a seed.

Other ideas………

  • Baking bread cakes or other recipes using cinnamon (optional). 

  • Try something new and positive!

  • Cleanse or organise your home

  • Take a cleansing bath.

Be creative and learn something new

Simple paper crosses

Spring is on the way!

You can “feel it”!

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