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Leeds Recovery College - An Introduction to WRAP

Welcome to our new and developing Recovery College Wellbeing Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

We take an educational approach to improving mental health and offer; information-based workshops, and training courses that focus on living mentally and physically well.

Our thoughts on recovery Recovery is personal and unique to us. Life is full of challenges and anyone can experience periods of time when their mental health is challenging. Mental health affects everyone. The good thing is that people can, and do, recover – and for a lot of us, it’s about recovering a sense of self, purpose and control in life despite facing these challenges. Read the Intro to recovery Learn at home pack

Our current courses are online and home learning only (but it’s just for a little while). We’re looking forward to launching our new prospectus and re-introducing physical face-to-face courses in 2021, but in the meantime we’ve adapted some of our favourite courses, which you can take part in, at home.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Wellness Recovery Action Planning or WRAP is a structured course that will help you to consider what is important for your health and your wellbeing and develop practical strategies for regaining and sustaining your wellness.

It was developed in 1997 by a group of people in the USA, particularly Mary Ellen Copeland who had personal experience of mental health, to help manage some of the mental health experiences that the group shared. WRAP is now used worldwide by people who are dealing with all kinds of health and life challenges.

To find out more about WRAP and how it can help you more information can be found link

WRAP does not necessarily replace other treatments, however it is evidence based and has greatly improved the recovery and long term health of many people.

Courses on WRAP are regularly run by the Leeds Recovery College.

These courses encourage focussing on individual strengths instead of perceived faults or failures and benefit people with all different health needs.

We also encourage people who have developed their own plans to share their learning by co-facilitating and supporting future WRAP courses.

For more information on WRAP visit:

Debbie, a co-facilitator with Leeds Recovery College shares her experience of WRAP in this video.

Contact Leeds Recovery College

By email here. Or call us on: 0113 855 5127

Originally posted April 2020 by Creative Wellness Journey

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