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Members Question: How Would You Like To Learn ART?

We were curious to know so lets ask members of the various Creative Wellness groups for feedback and votes.

Would it be "you tube" or prerecorded video, live online class, in person, or downloadable content?

Here is what the poll in May 2021 revealed.

Members feedback comments - How would you like to learn?

Video Content

  • Short specific video lessons that aren't at fast pace..... I usually feel like I'm taking too long to figure out how to draw something when I'm working on a follow alongside video.

  • Extremely thorough videos, as if they're teaching small children (I have extreme difficulties learning and remembering new things). Also where they list the material they use, including brand, in the description or listed (i.e written) in the video.

  • YouTube (or other platform) tutorial, not sped up, show the process, captions, I don't necessarily need supplies list as I have a stash bit as a beginner it's a lifesaver to know what we "should" be using. Once you've a stash and used a myriad of supplies you know what you can get away with.

  • Youtube, for me, is the most easy way to learn. We do it in our time, our space, our "atmosphere".

  • A live session every two weeks or every Saturday go through journals step by step I would be happy to pay for class.

Ebooks and PDF downloads

I sadly find online and youtube very hard to follow. Would love PDF sheets

In Person

In person is best for me, either group or one on one. I don't mind starting using videos or downloads, but when I get stuck on something, I'd like to be told what I did wrong, and possibly help me through it.

Art Journaling Comments

  • I want to know how to make junk journals to put memories in.

  • I love to see what everyone has done.

  • I love to journal.

  • I am a crafter, illustrator and art journaling new to me. I believe I can grow and learn in a supportive group.

  • I can do journaling writing but struggle to combine writing and crafting decorating a page.

  • To see everyone being creative.

  • To learn from other members and stay creative whilst writing my life journal.

  • So I can journal without altering my thoughts and turn it into something positive.

Members feedback comments Beginner / Creative or No experience

As a Beginner

  • A beginner looking for ideas and inspiration. Thank you all for what you give.

  • To get some inspiration and learn as a novice.

  • For ideas I am hoping to find time to explore my creativity.

  • To be with other people who like to be creative and other people new to this.

  • To start an art journal and have support and encouragement of other newbies.

  • Find different ways to be creative.

  • To learn what art journaling is.

  • Because I am a beginner I'm not confident with my skills and others work will motivate and inspire me.

  • Looking for basic beginner ideas.

I am already creative

  • I started because I wanted to challenge myself to do a painting and sketch a day.

  • I love art and believe in the magic or art for wellness.

  • Inspiration tips and ideas.

  • Learning different styles and inspiration.

  • Ideas, support, encourage and uplift others.

  • Motivation ideas to be creative

  • My mojo is a little slow at the moment, so I joined to find inspiration.

  • Pointer tips plus love the works done by others.

  • Exchange of constructive feedback if possible.

  • Nice to share ideas with like minded people.

No drawing experiences

  • I am writing a book and really can't draw so join groups looking for illustrations.

  • I love the beauty in peoples art, it's awesome the talent they have can appreciate this.

  • Ideas to get started in an arty community.

Art for Wellness

Watch out each week for a new creative theme as a prompt for self-care Sunday.

Why - to inspire ideas for creative projects? When - once a week starting Sunday Where - members can share their work in the gallery

What do I do next?

Create your picture in any medium.

Read and agree the terms and conditions

Please feel free to make any suggestions for future topics.

Learn To Be Creative

Are you looking for ideas to learn to paint and draw? Then check out each page for FREE and low cost resources. As well as easy to follow ebooks for hints and tips.

You're now part of a group of like-minded people on the same path as you: looking to be creative to improve your wellbeing.

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