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On Our Travels - Art at home with friends

In the series of sharing our shared activities for Art for Wellness with Debbie & Heather let's look at creating art together at home.

This is especially practical in the winter months or poor weather days when you may not be able to venture outside.

Also it's about the joy of being able to create art together in the same room and share the fun and ideas.

Creativity and Friendships

The reason our friendship works so well is that we understand each other, and take time to listen and just be there.

We have found our commonality and shared passion for creativity understanding and learning from each other along the way.

Creativity takes a certain amount of emotional rawness; as we both tend to be in tune with our surroundings and feel things very deeply.

No matter how confident a creative person may seem on the outside, they are their own worst critic and those voices are deeply ingrained in their heads as a friend be a positive influence.

A time for being creative and a time to rest takes a balanced lifestyle approach. Remember to give each other space, sometimes other things in life get priority, just knowing that you are their when they need you is key (an open mind and a warm heart)

Being able to keep life in perspective is key, remind your friend they need times of rest too and that dry spells of creativity are healthy and nothing to be ashamed of.

Mindfulness Drawing Afternoon

What you need:

Drawing paper, pens or coloured pencils, watercolour paints or whatever you have available.

Positive affirmations

Maybe think of a positive affirmation, or something you would like to do or enjoy while you are drawing.

Here are some examples

My opportunities to create come to me effortlessly and easily

I am worthy and deserving of love

I trust my intuition to guide the way for me

I am brave and bold

I believe in myself

I can feel the direction I would like to travel towards

  • Repeat them over and over again to help you overcome doubts, fears and negative self talk.

  • Make them specific, clear and meaningful to you

Gentle music

Perhaps you can tune into some gentle background music or one of your favourite tracks.

At the start take a few long slow deep breaths to relax and centre yourself.

Imagine you are watching a movie and can see full colour, surround sound see where it takes you.


Mindfulness drawing can make you feel like you are in a trance and totally absorbed in the moment.

Reduces anxiety and general stress levels.

You are immersed in a state of energised focus.

Help you to become kinder with yourself and others.

In focusing on the future gives you strength and a way forward.

At the end of the drawing session we celebrated with some Pink Lemonade and Turkish Delight.

Interested to find out more about how to draw for mindfulness?

Copyright © 2022, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch & Heather Roundell

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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