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On Our Travels - Getting Giddy in the Gallery

Heather & Debbie were invited to donate a piece of artwork to Cooper Gallery for the auction to be held in June as a fundraising event.

We were both delighted and thrilled just to be asked so it absolute pleasure to create paintings to donate for such a great community cause.

Both not realising at the time how prestigious the event was going to be, and that we would be showcasing in the gallery.

Visiting the gallery this week was so exciting and we were quite giddy just to see them hanging in the Sadler room amongst some amazing talented artists this was a truly magical experience.

We were so glad to be able to have the room to ourselves to view and share together the warm and fuzzy feeling it gave us and think how far we have come on our painting for wellness journey.

Giddy in Cooper Gallery

Local artists support the Cooper Gallery

fundraising auction

On Friday, 24 June the Cooper Gallery will be hosting a special fundraising event to raise essential money to preserve and conserve key pieces from their outstanding art collection.

The collection which includes work by Bell, Ruskin and Turner was gifted to the borough by Barnsley collector and philanthropist Samuel Joshua Cooper.

The evening organised by The Cooper Trustees and hosted by the Bard of Barnsley – Ian McMillan and Pierre Maciag, from Wilbys Estate Agents offers visitors a unique opportunity to bid on a selection of spectacular treasures.

They include over eighty, highly sought-after pieces including prints, books, ceramics, music, exclusive events, sculptures and jewellery, all donated by artists, and are being auctioned off to help support the worthy cause.

Work by artist Graham Ibbeson, whose latest exhibition will shortly be arriving at the Gallery in July, will be included in the auction as well as tickets to an exclusive VIP performance by the phenomenal Barnsley Youth Choir.

Councillor Robert Frost, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place, said:

We would like to thank the Cooper Trustees and all the local artists who have donated pieces and tickets to support this important event. The Cooper collection is well regarded and a real asset to the borough, the money raised will help conserve artwork to be enjoyed and appreciated by generations to come. We are lucky to have such an outstanding art collection in Barnsley and the Cooper Gallery is determined to showcase it for all to see.

The event starts at 6pm on Friday, 24 June and is free to enter for more details visit

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