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Photo Inspired Creativity

The benefits of Painting & Drawing from photos

No matter if you are a beginner or been interested in painting and drawing for a while photos can be a great inspiration for ideas to spark your creativity for a picture.

Whether its using a digital camera or your smartphone, we live in an age where technology allows to capture at the click of a button.

All around we can see the beauty by many things before clicking the shutter on a scene or subject to capture a moment in time. It might be the time of day or the time of year.

Maybe it's a combination of a moment you feel you want to capture and just snapping for fun.

I am always on the lookout for new ideas, Sparks of inspiration often finding them in everyday life.

As long as the photo image is clear with a feature or focus point, tones of light and dark areas and appeals to my inner self.

What is it about?

The great thing about photography is if you take a collection of pictures and save them in a folder or file you can then come back and look at anytime you like.

Often I also write down in a journal or notepad a few words or a sentence to remember what I was thinking about or how it made me feel at that moment.

How do you want to create and where will you be?

  • In the garden.

  • Looking out of the window

  • Quite room in the house

  • Favourite outdoor space

  • On a day out.

  • Holiday or time with friends and family.

Art for wellness is about expressing your emotions through creativity.

Looking and taking in the photo of something that has caught your attention or made you smile.

My own photo collection

Its about looking at the photo and simplifying the image to something you feel represents the picture for you.

Its not about trying to do an exact replica - it does not have to be perfect.

Ask yourself “Does it spark joy”
Spend some time creating just for fun

Drawing a vase of flowers in the garden with coloured pencils - 2019

Learning to draw in Art Class 2019 (Sketch with pencils)

Mixed Media - Hoylandswaine Church 2020. (Pastels & Inks)

Leeds Castle in Kent in Acrylic Paint - October 2020

Watercolour painting 2021 (Little Lamb at Langsett Moors)

Acrylic Paints (Winter Trees) - 2021

The main things to remember are:

  • How can it be simplified?

  • What is the focal point.

  • Which colours do I want to use?

  • How does it make me feel?

Photos by Debbie Crouch

Maybe you like to search online as social media can have many visual ideas to prompt your imagination the options are endless.

Scarborough - Yorkshire Coast

My latest inspiration came from a photographer - Beverley Senturk who had taken some beautiful photos of Scarborough and I messaged her to ask permission to share in a blog and show people how to look at a photo, simplify the picture and create your own version in art for wellness.

Photographs by Beverley Senturk

Simplifying the picture to your own style is key remembering that it does not have to be perfect, nor an exact copy, and you can add as much or little details as you like.

Scarborough in Pastels - July 2021

The main things to remember are:

How can it be simplified?

What is the focal point.

On a landscape the direction of any lines or shapes.

Remember it’s about enjoying the experience and finding your way, relaxing as part of your self care.

What will you create?

Need inspiration why not view the many galleries and photographs shared on the website members.

Members gallery where you can view others work in a safe space, maybe post or leave comments and messages.

Working together and sharing ideas is a wonderful way to connect and engage.

Simply follow the page and register for membership

Lets get creative......

TOP TIP: Before starting any painting a good tip is to ensure that the correct type paper is used for the materials/paints/pencils and buy the best quality you can afford at that time.

Using pieces of card or hardboard to paint on masking the edges with tape.

This helps secure paper in place whilst paint is wet and prevents curling at the edges.

Do you have confidence and knowledge about mixing paints, tools to use, ideas what to buy?

If you are looking for help, support and product ideas take a look at Creative Sparks a dedicated members area.

There are also many different blogs, information sheets and downloadable resources to check out and provide online help and support.

Colour Expression works for me

Personally my preference is colourful and I enjoy expressing myself with my own style and adapting a picture to show what it means to me.

If you are not sure of your preference yet that’s alright it has taken me a few years to explore and recognise mine through experimentation, growing in confidence, working in groups and being surrounded by like minded people.

Sharing creativity through the many groups, supporting and giving feedback. Accepting compliments and ideas from others. It’s all part of the journey to wellness.

At the start

Faced with a blank paper not sure what to do next.

TOP TIP: Colour-wash a background - So when you start their is a blank sheet of paper I find white can be too stark so painting a wash background or using cream/coloured paper can help.

First thing to remember is not to focus on the details start with the background how would you divide the paper between land or sea, size or shape, and space.

TOP TIP: Often I make light areas with a HB pencil for outlines or guides or sometimes paint colour directly onto the paper.

For more top tips and useful information check out the blogs for members.

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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