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Random Act of Kindness - true story by Debbie Crouch

My true story of an act of kindness that happened to me on my life's journey.

My wish

To take my daughter on a surprise holiday abroad to Eurodisney.

Holiday of a lifetime 

The time was during a messy divorce where I was supporting my daughter and wanted to surprise her with a summer short break in Eurodisney.

At the tender age of 7 she had never been abroad and I wanted to surprise her with a special holiday on even on a small single persons living allowance from working part time.

The day had started pleasant enough arrived at the airport explaining to my daughter we were going to see what an aeroplane looked like as she had never been on holiday abroad.  I had also taken my mum with me for support and for grandma to enjoy the surprise all three girls together.

We arrived early morning and ate a very nice cooked breakfast in the airport lounge.

Explaining to my daughter we were calling on our way to stay at a caravan in Scarborough our usual holiday plans she was totally unaware.

When she realised we were actually boarding the plane she was quick excited and never thought to ask where we were travelling to.  It was a joyous moment indeed one I will treasure.

The journey had a stop over in Amsterdam which made the flights cheaper but it was an adventure just walking round the airport.

I had secretly arranged a trip to eurodisney in Paris and as a single parent on a budget this was organised down to the last penny.  It was very special and planned as I thought down to the last details as I had booked the Disney Princess hotel (all inclusive) with the flights online.  Each stage booked separately this was the first time ever booked a holiday that way.  

In my lack of experience, I didn’t realise needed to book the tickets for park. In my naive mind I thought if you booked a Disney Hotel they provided you with tickets to the park.

On our first day travelling on the disney bus we arrived excited at the park all dressed up and ready for fun.

Then whilst in the queue I realised to my horror I hadn't got any park tickets, that I should have bought these.

Oh no I had no extra money and no credit card and didn't want to spoil a special holiday for my little girl. 

Starting to get anxious my conversation with mum though quietly spoken was overheard by a kind lady and her family who were in front of us in the queue.  

She came over to me and said "I have a family ticket and its our last day as we are going home later."

"Please take this and have a good time" as tears flowed down my face I thanked the lady and was speechless and humbled by her kindness.

This was such a wonderful and genuine act of kindness from a stranger one I will never forget.

I was too introvert and lacked confidence at the time to think straight. After thanking her and crying I was overwhelmed by the experience.

I only wish I had not been too shocked and embarrassed to ask her for her name and address as I would have loved to have thanked her properly. I often think of this experience and it fills me with joy and happiness.

For this I thank my guardian angel overlooking me on that day.

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Debbie Crouch

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