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“Reading for Wellness” - Dealing with change

Updated: Mar 20

The idea behind this “Reading for Wellness” series of blog posts are dedicated to sharing excerpts from books I have read which helped me on my wellness journey.

Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson

The story of four different characters who happen to be mice sized humans and they live in a maze spending their time looking for their favourite meal of cheese.

The cheese is a metaphor for the things that we want in life, for example a good job, a loving relationship, money or possessions, good health or inner peace of mind spirituality. The maze is the place where you search and look for the things you want and the problem is the cheese keeps moving. Change can be a blessing or a curse depending how it is perceived an amusing and enlightening story. The aim of the story is to explore how change effects people and sums up the story in 94 pages a great little read with over 24 million copies sold worldwide a must have book for all ages.

I highly recommend reading this book it’s written to help you to understand your mind how it works and to offer a model for developing yourself and improving areas of your life. Thank you to my friend Jayne who recommended this book.

Posted 7th May 2020 by Creative Wellness Journey

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