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Recognition of Creative Wellness in Hoylandswaine 2020

Hoylandswaine Village Magazine - Sept / Nov 2020

Proud to feature in the local village magazine

Do you have happy memories as a young child of being busy drawing, painting, making models, playing imaginatively, making music or dancing without inhibitions? 

We encourage children to be imaginative and creative without judgement because we see it as being vital to their development and self-esteem. 

As we grow into adulthood, we often become scared to express ourselves creatively, not wanting others to judge us which leads to self-criticism. Busy modern lives and the emphasis in education on passing exams is said to be stripping our brains of creativity and that is such a shame as we’re all born to be imaginative. 

Research shows that we need periods of boredom and idleness to stimulate creativity.  

So how many of us used lockdown to be creative.  It may have been through baking, gardening, DIY, art and craft or many other activities.  Parents undoubtedly had to engage their imaginations to devise stimulating activities to occupy the children.  

Let’s hope that we can hang on to some of this downtime and soon allow our key workers some well-deserved respite to be creative.

Debbie Crouch, recognises that a bit of non-judgemental encouragement is needed for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as we grow older too and aims to provide that online on three different platforms: 

Creative Wellness Group: 

A roundup of resources, such as positive statements, sharing creative projects, posts sharing fun and laughter, creative writing, favourite books, photographs, nature, tools and resources, look at what have you created this week, ...... to mention a few. 

Creative Corner 

A place to share FREE creative projects that anyone can do.  Looking to share art that is accessible to everyone and encourage people to have a go. 

Creative Art  is a way to transform your stress and emotional thoughts and feelings into something calm. 

Copyright © 2020, Creative Wellness Journey

by Debbie Crouch

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