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Welcome "Scribble & Sketch"

Scribble & Sketch officially join the team - 6th February 2023 in a celebratory meeting at Cannon Hall.

Lets share the gallery for playtime with Scribble & Sketch

by Scribble the Squirrel

by Sketch the hedgehog

Scribble & Sketch have joined the team and are both looking forward to sharing the fun of doodling, sketching and drawing with children of all ages.

Offering children an opportunity that allows them to explore new personalities, and ideas and develop their imagination.

Creating more possibilities for creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and curiosity.

Scribble made her debut in the tutorial "Painting Puddles"

Sketch made her debut in the tutorial "Painting and Sketch"

So if you have enjoyed meeting Scribble and Sketch watch out for their fun adventures, art tutorials, and ideas.

New Journal now available

Scribble & Sketch

£15 of fun journaling

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Debbie & Heather

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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