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Self Care is Important

Self Care Week: 16 – 22 November 2020

 This year’s theme for Self-Care Week is “live self-care for life”.

There are many different ways in which you can be kind to yourself.

Self love - talk to yourself like you would a good friend.

Learning to balance life in a way that gives you time for YOU is important.

Changing the way you thunk is key to living a new life.

What have you always wanted to learn?

  • How to draw?

  • A language

  • Writing a story

  • Cooking or baking

  • Photography

Think and plan time to learn online.

Remember that you too are allowed to have fun.

Take time out and practice deep breathing this helps calm the body and mind.

Declutter is a great way to release stress and inner calm and make space in your home.

Self soothing is effective way to release negative emotions and feel relaxed and less anxious.

Simple post its for reminders of self care.

Remember you can create your own happiness......

Write a journal or make a note of the wellness tools you enjoy doing as a reminder.

  • Go for a walk

  • Talk to a friend

  • Join an online class

  • Volunteering

  • Watch the clouds

  • Run and exercise

  • Look at the natural world

  • Be creative

  • Read a book

Whatever it is for you make a note as a reminder

Self-care is important in any given week, but it’s a great opportunity for us to focus on positive actions we can personally take to support our health and wellbeing, and to be reminded of the tools and resources available to us.  

Remember that "How we feel tomorrow starts today"

Creative art for all ages and abilities.

Hello and welcome, my name is Debbie a creative lifestyle and mental health blogger, living in South Yorkshire I blog about creative wellness and my journey. 

Creative Mental Health Support

A Public group on Facebook - A space to share mental health awareness post, information and support to raise awareness and end stigma. 

Copyright © 2020, Creative Journey to Wellness

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