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Simple Drawing Techniques for Anxiety

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Hello everyone! 

Let's take a look at Art journaling for the more difficult days to recognise and release emotions through creative art ideas. 

In spreading awareness for mental health to let people know, you are not alone and that I understand what it is like when times get tough. 

Healing with art is about being creative and having a journal in response to everyday life as a journey of  self-discovery. 

Art journaling is using your imagination, you can make it what you want.  My advice would be to start with easier, simpler pages and draw and write about how you are feeling at that time. 

What to draw or write about?  

For me I get ideas from quotes, images, art ideas or affirmations.  Sometimes thinking about my present state, how my day has gone, or something that is important to me for the future.

How to detox the mind of negative energy

In research online from a University in the USA shared a recent study to quote that 75% percent of the participants undertaking creative art, lowered their cortisol levels during their 45 minutes of making art.  

The study gathered feedback from participants 

“It was very relaxing,”  

“After about five minutes, I felt less anxious” 

“Doing art allowed me to put things into perspective.” 

The other  25%  of the participants actually registered higher levels of cortisol — though that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The researches explained that our cortisol levels vary throughout the day — levels are highest in the morning because that gives us an energy boost to us going at the start of the day. It could’ve been that the art-making resulted in a state of arousal and/or engagement in the study’s participants.  

Emotions - Acceptance of feelings is key

Creative art is my self care and has taught me to release my feelings and emotions as it’s a calming activity especially when you are feeling anxious. 

In learning to accept we all have emotions or an inner critic we can start by getting our fears out onto paper through our journal which is your own space, a safe environment to let go.  It's not about being a great artist or showing anyone else if you don’t want to.  It's your space and time to relax, be calm and get out of your head the emotions that are currently  there. 

In sharing my ideas and projects may you find something to do at a time when you don’t want to plan or come up with any ideas of your own. 

Think list words to use

If it helps I have compiled a list of emotions and words that may help you to think about how you are feeling or what is right for you now.  link

Anxiety - Easy drawing ideas

Here are my art ideas for drawing made easy with simple designs to show emotions. 

Practice calming down through drawing and the more you do the easier it gets. Like anything else it takes practice, it doesn’t have to be perfect, or a carbon copy. 

It doesn’t happen overnight the more you draw to express yourself you will suddenly find it flows out onto the paper even.  It may start with a simple line, or scrawl, random words and that’s fine too. 

When you create........

If you work to complete all at once, or in short bursts the choice is yours whatever works for you. 

A simple creative zen circle is easy and a great way to start drawing link

One thing my art classes taught me it to try loosen your grip on the pen or pencil and not be as tense which took time and practice. 

Practice deep breathing whilst being creative in time this can become almost meditative. 

I am passionate about creative wellness as I know how much it has done for me in my journey and I hope that through making a start it will help you too. 

Art reflects your personality and the way you need to heal. 

Exploring Anxiety

In my blog I have also written about anxiety from SAD social and TRAUMA childhood influences which you may also find useful to read. 


Social Anxiety Disorder SAD

SAD can be caused by excessive social isolation, or a childhood with parents or guardians who are overprotective, controlling, restrictive or anxious. Traumatic bullying through emotional, physical, sexual or verbal abuse.  

In most cases social anxiety disorder usually comes on at around 13 years of age. It can be linked to a historical episode of abuse, bullying, or teasing.   When children are labelled as “shy kids” are also more likely to become socially anxious adults, as are children with overbearing or controlling parents.  

It is known that people with this disorder have trouble talking to people and find social interactions challenging at times.  Whether it is meeting new people, or attending other social gatherings.  Inside the person has fearful thoughts and feeling, and become anxious about being judged or scrutinised by others.  

Even if they are able to understand that their fears are irrational or unreasonable, they feel powerless to overcome them. To make this clear social anxiety is different from shyness.  

To read more see my Blog on SAD  link

Childhood Trauma and Mental Health

The Wounded Inner Child 

Childhood trauma can cause anxiety even into adulthood because early coping mechanisms of the body, mind, and spirit have not been defined as an adult's way of thinking.

Trauma is never easy, and for children whose understanding of the world and their experiences is still developing, trauma makes an even greater and more damaging impression.  

When a child endures a traumatic event, it’s very common for the pain and complicated effects to continue or to arise unexpectedly many years later. 

As children, they didn’t have a choice but to withstand the trauma surrounding them. But, as adults reliving the aftermath of that trauma, they do have a choice in how the anxiety runs its course through their lives.  

Childhood trauma can cause anxiety, but the positive news is this can be reversed with the right support and help. 

To read more see my Blog on Childhood Trauma link

Looking to learn art journaling to release your emotions

Art Journaling group  link

Creative art for all ages and abilities.

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Debbie Crouch

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