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"Spring Into Art" - Competition 2022

Updated: Apr 13, 2023


First Prize

Couple painting – by Anna

We chose this as a winner because.......

We think this piece sums up 'spring' very well, it is filled with colour & sends a message of everlasting love in bloom & companionship.

The picture has real movement you can sense the love as the couple hold each other through their walk in Springtime.

Timeless and togetherness…. Beautiful depiction that Spring is definitely in the air.

Congratulations on winning 1st Prize

Runners Up

Spring text - by Sammi

We chose this as a winner because.......

We love the simplicity of this piece, using text as well as the beautiful drawings of flowers is bright & cheerful.

A truly lovely and simple drawing with a strong essence of spring and a clear message makes a clear visual imagery.

Great use of text with a lovely floral border to balance.

Collage card – by Barbara

We chose this as a winner because.......

I love this craft element to this piece, it demonstrates how you can get lots of pieces together from fabric flowers, cutouts & card, to make something unique.

A fabulous example of art journaling for beginners such a bright and beautiful collage showing creativity has many different aspects and ideas.

Such a creative representation of Springtime with a beautiful delicate feel.

Congratulations to you both

A surprise gift from the runners up collection

Here is a celebratory video to show all the finalists in the competition.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered the 2022 “Spring into Art” competition it has been delightful to see all your creativity.

On behalf of the Creative Wellness Journey Team.

“Keep on being creative and may 2022 bring new starts, new ideas and lots of creative fun for everyone”

Copyright © 2022

Creative Wellness Journey Team

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity


Spring Into Art Competition

You can create and win in this exciting “Spring” themed Competition.

Creative competitions are an opportunity to explore new designs, and share your creative pictures.

Work can be submitted in any medium but it must be your own work made by hand with your heart.

Here are some examples of Spring artwork created by members previously:

A competition for "Spring into Art"

Spring falls 20th March to 21st June 2022

Start Date: Monday 21st March 2022

End Date: Friday 29th April 2022

Winner announced Monday 9th May 2022

Would you like to win?

The ultimate art set to begin your creative drawing and painting

12 Acrylic colours, 12 Coloured Pencils, 12 Soft Pastels, 5 Drawing Pencils, 3 brushes, 3 charcoal pencils, 3 charcoal sticks, 2 blending stumps, 12 sheets of drawing paper, sandpaper, plastic pallet, metal sharpener, kneadable eraser, white eraser

Also a number of runner up prizes will be selected subject to the number of entries received.

Additional Celebration

An exhibition of entries will be shown on the website and made into an eBook as a FREE download.

How to add your entry to members competition page

Select the "Spring Into Art" option

Members Competition launched 21st March 2022

You can upload competition entries only between

Monday 21st March - Friday 29th April 2022

Vote for your favourite design

  • The competition will be shared for members only to register, vote and upload their work.

  • The deadline date for entries is Friday 29th April 2022

Please help spread the "Spring Into Art” competition to encourage people to enter a spring themed picture that gives them satisfaction using their creative skills, and help to build a community.

Remember to add onto facebook or Instagram with hashtags below:

Share the creativity with friends

  • Do you know anyone else who enjoys creativity

  • Invite your friends to join and vote for their favourite designs.

Here’s How It Works:

Register as a member

  • Agree to terms and conditions

  • Create your entry and take a photo

  • Upload onto “Spring Into Art” Competition Page

  • Remember to vote for your favourite designs

Competition Terms & Conditions 2022
Download PDF • 5.94MB

Share the creativity with friends

  • Do you know anyone else who enjoys creativity

  • Invite your friends to join and vote for their favourite designs.

Copyright © 2022, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativi

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Anna Butler
Anna Butler
May 09, 2022

I love being part of Art for Wellness.Debbie creates such a relaxed environment, and the support is amazing. Sharing our artistic ideas is a big plus, and everyone is so friendly. It is wonderful seeing so many talented artist’s works, and there are also many tutorials to help everyone improve their skills.

Debbie Crouch
Debbie Crouch
May 10, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Anna for your lovely feedback

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