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The Apple at its core

Introduction to my creative Apple by Heather

The apple core is the tough central part of an apple, containing the seeds.

The stem holds the core of the apple in place and this is how it grows on the tree.

I have wanted to be able to draw an apple core for a while and after studying how this can be done decided to have a go at doing the same thing in different mediums.

For me its about having a go and finding your style.

Did You Know these Apple Facts

  • A fun fact is that apple core in cockney slang means score which in todays currency is about £20.

  • Endocarp or core: is another word for the central part of the fruit containing the pips.

  • Apple seeds contain a small amount of a compound called amygdalin, which, when eaten digests into a highly poisonous hydrogen cyanide which in large doses is lethal.

Written and created pictures by Heather Roundell

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