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The Good Glass #thegoodglass #rightglassmatters

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

How many times have you been to a bar, restaurant, cafe

and asked for a soft or non alcoholic drink

and it's served in a beautiful glass.

Maybe you are at home or visiting friends and family.

How often do you think?

"I enjoy this drink much better in a nice glass?"

"I feel happy"

"Makes me feel special"

How positive do you now feel?

My drink matches your good mood

My drink matches your environment

I feel valued and special as a customer


What do I need to do next?

Take a photo of your drink

Make a note of the venue (Optional)


"A coke served at ............

"My drink looks awesome.........

Post to Instagram rightglassmatters


Other optional hashtags

Use the logo (optional)

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Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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Debbie Crouch
Debbie Crouch
08 oct. 2021

Join the Instagram Campaign at @creativewellnessjourney rightglassmatters

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