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Living Laughter and Living by Julie

A poem written for Jason, my life partner and absolute love of my life, which will be included in my forthcoming book ‘Living, Laughing and Loving’ due out around July this year.

It was always you...

It was always you...

The crave I felt for my first kiss,

The heat when I would reminisce,

The dream once dreamt of knowing bliss,

Was always meant for you.

Before you life was stark...

Each rainbow lost its coloured glaze,

An hour seemed to last for days,

I lacked the warmth of summer’s haze,

Without your loving spark.

Yet now I understand;

Why love songs seem to resonate,

That life’s too short to hesitate,

The value of my lengthy wait,

To find and clasp your hand.

I love you strong and true;

Much deeper than the sun descends,

Beyond the day my last breath ends,

Unto the night my soul transcends,

It only will be you...

(c) Julie Vanner 2019

Here is a beautiful creative picture chosen to accompany her poem. Artist unknown

Thank you for sharing Julie I love your poetry and happy you allowed me to share your creative writing for members to enjoy - Debbie Crouch

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