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Mindfulness & Neuro Art

Mindfulness Art is a combination of neurography drawing, easy art and being in the moment.

Mindfullness Art / Art Therapy / Neuro Art

There are many different titles used to describe relaxing with art that uses the creative process to explore emotions, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.

All with similar meaning - Art making that helps us to explore what we experience and discover a way to express ourselves.

It encourages us to be in our present moment experiences, through noticing the sensations we are experiencing, and letting them flow onto the paper.

How does the brain interpret art?

Each time you look at a piece of art, your brain is working to make sense of the visual information it's receiving.

Art can take us on a journey or conjure strong emotions and deep thoughts, or simply dazzle us with its visual brilliance.

Everyone's reaction to art may be different, but its ability to impact us is unquestioned.

What is art?

One modern definition is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful.”

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Look / See / Think

  • Art evokes emotions, whether they are happy or sad, disturbing or exciting.

  • Art makes you feel

  • Art makes you think

  • Pieces of art can make you question not only the artist's interpretation or message, but also your own feelings.

  • Art can predict the future, and art can showcase the past.

Let's take a look at a simple way to learn how to be mindful with your drawing experience.

Mindfulness means many things to many people, whether it be yoga, being in nature & noticing the textures & scents around you, to walking mindfully; but mindfulness can also be connected to how we create art!

Neurographic art, created by psychologists for art therapy, is a great way to get artistic, experiment with colour, line & form without needing any art experience at all, anyone can do it!

After a few minutes of drawing & then filling the shapes you’ve made with colour, it can be a relaxing experience that you don’t need to think about, or concentrate on, you can just ‘be’ & we all need that!

Emma Morrissey – Fine Artist & creator of creative virtual sessions for Creative Wellness Journey.

2022 FREE Tutorial

This project has been made possible with funding from the @Localgiving Magic Little Grant Fund, thanks to the players of @PostcodeLottery”.

Heather and Debbie wanted to share that we enjoyed the art tutorial we did this together as friends at home.

Emma has such a relaxing and calming voice we both felt totally relaxed and calm after the session.

Creating Art with Friends

In the series of sharing our shared activities for Art for Wellness with Debbie & Heather let's look at creating art together at home.

This is especially practical in the winter months or poor weather days when you may not be able to venture outside.

Also it's about the joy of being able to create art together in the same room and share the fun and ideas.

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A collaborative blog by Debbie Crouch, Heather Roundell & Emma Morrissey

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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