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My Words, Beliefs and Perspectives

The words we use have a powerful impact on ourselves and others.

The values I live by in my own personal perspective

  • Honest with strong moral principles

  • Giving others the benefit of the doubt knows that things aren’t always as they seem and that each person has a unique point of view that deserves to be heard.

  • Be proud of my accomplishments feel humble always strive to better myself in some way

  • Not the type of person to say something I don’t mean

  • Find it hard to talk about myself especially in interviews or large groups

  • Learned to deep breath and stay calm when thinking what to say

Seeking feedback from friends asking them to describe me in five words:

honest, trustworthy, good listener, broad minded and open

These are the values I live my life by and can become disappointed when don’t find them in in others. My word map

  • Believe in myself and will keep trying to do my best.

  • Treat others the way I want to be treated

  • Look for positivity in all things

  • I trust my inner voice and be led by my internal gut instincts

  • Speak up for things that matter to me being mindful of what I say and to whom

  • I also understand that I am only human and some days are challenging leaving me anxious and stressed. Learning to accept them as days to release emotions cry or be angry. Time to think and reflect and realise these days will pass in time.

  • Remembering I am a tough person who has made it through tough times

  • Being grateful for what I have in my life and think about this everyday

  • Forgiveness life becomes easier when you learn to forgive.

  • Add in forgiveness for your own inner peace.........No regrets.

The worst form of regret is regret for the chances we didn't take.

  • Learning to accept I make the best decision at the time based on the facts of the situation at that time.

  • I can only learn from mistakes not be tied up in them.

If I can make a difference to someone else’s life for the better I have achieved my goal and aims in life.

Posted 23rd April 2020

Written by Debbie Crouch

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