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My Pathway is Colourful by Heather R

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Hi I’m Heather and I met Debbie a couple of years ago in Adult Learning Art classes for well being run by Gary.

We soon realised we had a lot in common and we had also both attended Recovery college. Both having a thirst for art and wanted to try any medium Gary was doing a course on!

I was learning how relaxing and therapeutic art was for me and this has had massive positive impact on my mental health and anxiety.

Debbie and myself also like an excuse to meet up for a natter over coffee and cake!

When the pandemic and lockdown arrived and all classes were online I was so grateful to be in the same class as Debbie. Computers and internet was way out of my comfort zone! I can honestly say my art has got me through lockdown.

When Debbie told me all about Creative Wellness Journey (CWJ) I was blown away by the positivity and amazing ideas she had. I’m so proud to be on part of her journey with her.

When Debbie suggested me becoming an administrator for her facebook groups this made me feel a little nervous at first it was the first time ever done this. However, I found over time it was all about supporting members, leaving feedback and genuine encouraging messages, making new friends and I can see the benefits of being in a safe environment online.

The great thing I love is getting the importance across that Creativity is not just about being able to draw and paint.... it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself in a relaxing way. It can be photography, knitting, writing, poetry or gardening whatever makes you smile and keep you focused.

Especially in lockdown when our routines have gone out the window and most of us have time on our hands.

CWJ groups help give a safe place for people to learn and create and connect with people which in turn boost confidence and mental wellness. The Facebook groups just keep growing and growing and I am blown away by how they spread globally and always interactive 24 hours a day. Yes even when I wake in the wee small hours can't resist a peak.

I have even rediscovered my creative writing again, following the idea of writing about your own name as a lymeric, which was great fun.

The positivity in the groups is phenomenal. I think this is a brilliant way to help people through creativity. It’s given me a huge boost to my self-worth and self-esteem to be part of CWJ. I have even helped with creating posts to celebrate the growth of the groups which is brilliant.

Debbie surprised me with a video of some of my art work, it really was lovely and in that moment I felt so proud of myself.

My first blog – Share the love through creativity

In working together with Debbie I was very proud when we wrote our first joint blog together for Valentines Day 2020. We wanted to share the message that love is really all around in many different forms.

In 2021 after the facebook groups success a new website was launched and Debbie invited me to become supporters in the adventure. I was thrilled to have been asked to support this new adventure and everyone is so nice and welcoming.

Members Creative Gallery

A theme is set for members to create their own work and share on the website which is a great way to help and support each other. An example was the new year new start and what 2021 means to you (see above)

Why not take a look in the group or send your ideas for a topic?

Meet The Team

We now have a “Meet The Team” support group and found a wonderful supporting and friendly group of people and I am looking forward to working together where we can share the beauty of creativity and finding mental wellness.

Little Book of Hope

The blog "Little Book of Hope" was written about sharing an idea I had for art journaling during lockdown.

Art Classes with Gary

Of course Debbie & I will still continue to join the online art classes with Gary as this is our fun time together and gives us the opportunity to meet friends, have a laugh and learn new techniques in creative art for wellness.

Who knows what the future will bring I am just grateful that my journey brought me towards creativity and I look forward to meeting new people along the way.

Thank you for reading my story I hope this gives you positive thoughts about taking a chance and having a go. If I can learn then you can too.

Written and shared by Heather Roundell

Heather R Story
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Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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1 Comment

This is absolutely wonderful! I loved reading this! Debbie has been such an inspiration for me too and I love being part of such a lovely team too!

I love your artwork, especially your Audrey Hepburn and your kettle! Keep creating lovely lady!

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